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Teacher Education Program


Teacher Education Program

The expertise and techniques necessary for the teaching profession are provided to students aspiring to become teachers at national, public and private junior high and high schools as well as special needs schools. This program aims to ensure that these students can acquire teacher qualifications upon graduation.
Students are able to acquire the credits necessary to graduate from university and obtain teacher's licenses by taking teaching profession-related courses, including teaching practice, and courses related to their specialty subject in the Teacher Education Program.
Since its introduction in 2007, the "Support Program for Acquiring the Elementary School Teacher Certification TypeⅠ" in cooperation with Seitoku University has enabled students to obtain an elementary school teacher certification upon graduation from our university.


Teacher Education Classes

Introduction to Teaching
History of Education
Educational Psychology
Introduction to Special Needs and Support Education
Educational Administration
Educational Sociology
English Teaching Methodology Ⅰ
English Teaching Methodology Ⅱ
Social Studies Teaching Methodology Ⅰ
Social Studies Teaching Methodology Ⅱ
Teaching Methodology of Geography & History
Civics Teaching Methodology
Methodology of Teaching Commerce Ⅰ
Methodology of Teaching Commerce Ⅱ
Information Teaching Methodology Ⅰ
Information Teaching Methodology Ⅱ
Practical Seminar in English Teaching Ⅰ
Practical Seminar in English Teaching Ⅱ
Practical Seminar in Social Studies Teaching Ⅰ
Practical Seminar in Social Studies Teaching Ⅱ
Studies in Moral Education
Studies in Special Activities
Educational Methodology
Studies in Life (Personal) Guidance (Counseling)
Theory of Educational Consultation
Guidance of Teaching Practicum
Teaching Practicum Ⅰ (Junior High School)
Teaching Practicum Ⅱ (High School)
Practical Seminar in Education (JHS/HS)