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Graduate School of Economics


Graduate School of Economics

In today's globalized world, a wide range of interrelated issues have emerged. These include various challenges being faced by the Japanese economy and numerous problems stemming from changes in the managerial environment of companies. To explore possible ways to address these challenges and resolve these problems, more experts with high-level research skills will be required to analyze and assess economic phenomena and the essence of corporate management from various perspectives.
The Graduate School of Economics aims to turn out experts and professionals with high-level research abilities. To this end, the school offers a broad array of courses in the fields of both economics and business administration to allow students to engage in advanced studies. It also offers a system through which exceptional students wishing to go on to graduate school may take graduate school courses before entering the school and an early completion system through which highly capable students may earn a degree within a year.

Notable Features

  • Fostering of outstanding individuals with analytical skills and policy-making abilities in economics
  • Provision of a research environment with an international outlook and enrolment of international students
  • Promotion of continued education and enrolment of working adults

Master's Program in Economics

Studies Studies in Economics Theory Ⅰ
Studies in Economics Theory Ⅱ
Studies in Applied Economics Ⅰ
Studies in Applied Economics Ⅱ
Studies in Economic Thought Ⅰ
Studies in Economic Thought Ⅱ
Studies in Economics History Ⅰ
Studies in Economics History Ⅱ
Studies in International Economics Ⅰ
Studies in International Economics Ⅱ
Studies in Finance and Securities Ⅰ
Studies in Finance and Securities Ⅱ
Studies in Organization Ⅰ
Studies in Organization Ⅱ
Studies in Marketing Ⅰ
Studies in Marketing Ⅱ
Studies in Consumer Behavior Ⅰ
Studies in Consumer Behavior Ⅱ
Studies in Accounting Theory Ⅰ
Studies in Accounting Theory Ⅱ
Studies in Information Analysis Ⅰ
Studies in Information Analysis Ⅱ
Special Theories Special Theories in International Comparison of Economics
Seminars Seminar in Economics Theory Ⅰ
Seminar in Economics Theory Ⅱ
Seminar in Applied Economics Ⅰ
Seminar in Applied Economics Ⅱ
Seminar in Economic Thought Ⅰ
Seminar in Economic Thought Ⅱ
Seminar in Economics History Ⅰ
Seminar in Economics History Ⅱ
Seminar in International Economics Ⅰ
Seminar in International Economics Ⅱ
Seminar in Finance and Securities Ⅰ
Seminar in Finance and Securities Ⅱ
Seminar in Oniganization Ⅰ
Seminar in Oniganization Ⅱ
Seminar in Marketing Ⅰ
Seminar in Marketing Ⅱ
Seminar in Consumer Behavior Ⅰ
Seminar in Consumer Behavior Ⅱ
Seminar in Accounting Theory Ⅰ
Seminar in Accounting Theory Ⅱ
Seminar in Information Analysis Ⅰ
Seminar in Information Analysis Ⅱ
Thesis Thesis Guidance Ⅰ
Thesis Guidance Ⅱ
Thesis Guidance Ⅲ