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International Exchange and Study Abroad

Programs for International Students at Hokusei


Programs for inbound students

Hokusei Gakuen University has pursued internationalism since its foundation. As part of its efforts, the university provides courses in foreign languages as well as a broad range of international exchange programs for students from various countries around the world.
Approximately 60 exchange students study on campus each year, and a variety of programs for these students are conducted by the International Education & Language Center. Through these programs, Hokusei Gakuen University students and overseas students interact with one another to deepen their knowledge of partner countries and universities/colleges.

Japanese Conversation Partner Program

In this program, international students and Hokusei students who are studying the methodology of teaching Japanese language meet on campus and talk in Japanese several times during a specified period in the semester. The purpose of this program is to have participants appreciate each other's culture in order to promote their international understanding.

Buddy System

This is a volunteer registration system for Hokusei Gakuen University students who are interested in international exchange. Buddies help overseas students with using university facilities, taking public transportation, following procedures at ward offices and shopping. Overseas students can ask buddies about Hokusei, student life in Japan and anything else they are interested in, and they are encouraged to expand their circle of friends through their buddies. Students who are interested in becoming buddies are kindly requested to contact the International Education Section of the Student Support Office.

Japanese Culture Experiences

Japanese culture experiences

Various opportunities are available for overseas students to experience traditional Japanese culture, including Japanese calligraphy, flower arrangement, tea ceremony and dressing in kimono.

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International Lounge

Japanese culture experiences

This is a place where you can participate in a wide range of cross-cultural activities and events. At the International Lounge three main programs are held, called the “Ambassador Program” (introduce your university and culture to Hokusei Gakuen University students), “International Cafe” (work as a Cafe staff member) and “Gaikokugo-Asobiba” (play games such as cards with Hokusei Gakuen University students). At the International Lounge not only these programs but new ones, as well, will be offered. The International Lounge is an open space, and you are welcome to drop by at any time and enjoy chatting with your friends!

International Camp

International Camp

This event is designed to enable overseas students and Hokusei Gakuen University students to deepen their exchanges and understanding of one another through off-campus cultural experiences and an overnight trip to the suburbs of Sapporo. International camp is held twice a year, in the summer and fall, and students in the East Asia Student Exchange Program also participate in the event in the fall.

East Asia Student Exchange Program

East Asia Student Exchange Program

Also known as the East Asia Student Committee (EASCOM), this approximately 10-day program is held for 15 students from partner schools in China, South Korea and Taiwan. Hokusei Gakuen University students are in charge of planning the programs.

Community Exchange


This is a program in which overseas students visit elementary schools in the university’s neighborhood to interact with elementary school students.

Exchanges through Club Activities

In addition to HI-C and EASCOM for exchanges with overseas students, various sports and cultural clubs are open to overseas students. Hokusei Gakuen University students and overseas students can interact with each other through these club activities.