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Department of Law and Economics


Department of Law and Economics

Faced with the three present trends of economic globalization, social diversification and decentralization of government power, Japan's economic system and legal institutions are undergoing major transformations. In these circumstances, it is essential to establish a fair and efficient social system based on the principle of the rule of law.
Leaders and experts with proven legal knowledge, who are adept in the application of legal reasoning as well as economic expertise obtained through empirical research, are indispensable for the realization of a fair and efficient society. Dedicated to cultivating students who have the practical capacity to play an active role in society based on economic and legal knowledge, the Department of Law and Economics offers curricula designed to help students acquire advanced expertise in economics and legal studies necessary for successful careers as full-fledged members of society.
This department offers small-group learning opportunities, including special courses in various basic subjects, intended to enhance the fundamental skills necessary to optimize university-level studies. It also offers seminar-type discussion groups (in second to fourth years) where students can gain a highly specialized knowledge of economics and law. A course system and study planning guides have also been introduced to provide students with advice on which subjects to pursue.


Departmental Classes
General Education Classes


Basics for
Introduction to Basic Economics
Legal Research
Introduction to Law
Introduction to Business Law
Introductory Accounting
Introductory Management Ⅰ
Legal Philosophy
Law & Economics
Basic Skills
Training Classes
Basic Skills Training Seminar Ⅰ
Basic Skills Training Seminar Ⅱ
Basic Skills Training Seminar Ⅲ
Basic Skills Training Seminar Ⅳ
Basic Skills Training Seminar Ⅴ
Basic Skills Training Seminar Ⅵ
Basic Skills Training Seminar Ⅶ
Basic Skills Training Seminar Ⅷ
Basic Skills Training Seminar Ⅸ
Basic Skills Training Seminar Ⅹ
Seminar Classes
Seminar Ⅰ
Seminar Ⅱ
Seminar Ⅲ
Unit Classes

Theoretical Economics

Modern Economics
Macro Economics
Micro Economics
Statistics for Management
Mathematics for Economics

Financial and Fiscal Affairs

Securities Theory
Monetary Theory of Contemporary Enterprise
International Monetary Theory
Financial System
Monetary Theory
Analytical Method of Money and Public Finance
Public Finance

Economics and Business Administration

Introductory Management Ⅱ
Economic Policies
Economics of Regulation and Competition
Survey of the Hokkaido Economy
International Economics
Theory of Small & Medium Enterprises
Analytical Method of Economic and Management

Fundamentals of Public Law

Constitutional Law Ⅰ
Constitutional Law Ⅱ
Criminal Law Ⅰ
Criminal Law Ⅱ
Media Law
International Human Rights Law

Policy and Legal Affairs

Administrative Law Ⅰ
Administrative Law Ⅱ
Local Goverment Law
Tax Law
Social Security Laws

Fundamentals of Civil Law

Civil Law Ⅰ
Civil Law Ⅱ : The Law of Obligations
Reintroduction to Civil Law
Civil Law Ⅲ : Tort Law
Civil Law Ⅳ
Civil Law Ⅴ
Civil Law Ⅵ
Civil Law Ⅶ

Corporate Legal Affairs

Commercial Law Ⅰ
Commercial Law Ⅱ
Financial Transaction Law
Economic Law
Labor Law Ⅰ
Labor Law Ⅱ

Judicial and Legal Affairs

Fundations of Procedural Law
Law of Civil Procedure
Law of Civil Execution
Bankruptcy Law


Introductory Accounting Ⅰ
Introductory Accounting Ⅱ
Introductory Accounting Ⅲ
Accounting Theory Ⅰ
Accounting Theory Ⅱ
Cost Accounting Ⅰ
Cost Accounting Ⅱ
Management Accounting Ⅰ
Management Accounting Ⅱ
International Accounting Ⅰ
International Accounting Ⅱ

Advanced Unit Classes

Special Lectures on Applied Economics
Special Lectures on Current Legal Issues
General Lectures on Law and Economics
Senior Thesis
Teacher Education
International Political Science
Contemporary Politics
Introduction to Topography
Environmental Geography
Japanese History
World History Ⅰ
World History Ⅱ
Religion Studies

Human Science
Mental Health Studies
Science of Human Body Ⅰ
Science of Human Body Ⅱ
Medicine and Sports
Exercise Physiology
Exercise Nutrition
Fundamental Kinesiology
Theory of Health and Fitness
Practicum of Physical Education Ⅰ
Practicum of Physical Education Ⅱ
Lifelong Exercise Plan Ⅰ
Lifelong Exercise Plan Ⅱ
Sports and Exercise
Exercise and Health Development
Seminar of Human Body and Heart Ⅰ
Seminar of Human Body and Heart Ⅱ
The Humanities and
Philosophy Ⅰ
Philosophy Ⅱ
Psychology Ⅰ
Psychology Ⅱ
Ethics and Humanity
Life and Ethics
World of Music
World of Fine Arts
World of Literature
Nature, Science and
Technology, and
Science and Humanity
World of Matter
Biology Ⅰ
Biology Ⅱ
Environment and Humanity Ⅰ
Environment and Humanity Ⅱ
Statistics Ⅰ
Statistics Ⅱ
Mathematics Ⅰ
Mathematics Ⅱ
Society and
Japanese Constitutional Law
Investment Structures
Modern World History(Asian)
Modern World History(Western)
Political Science Ⅰ
Political Science Ⅱ
Introduction to Economics Ⅰ
Introduction to Economics Ⅱ
Sociology Ⅰ
Sociology Ⅱ
Cultural Authropology
Media and Society
Community and
Theory of Northern Regions
Theory of Hokkaido Regional Culture Ⅰ
Theory of Hokkaido Regional Culture Ⅱ
Chinese Studies Abroad
Japanese Culture Ⅰ
Japanese Culture Ⅱ
Readings of Japanese Classical Literature
Chinese Culture Ⅰ
Chinese Culture Ⅱ
Korean Culture
American Culture Ⅰ
American Culture Ⅱ
European Culture Ⅰ
European Culture Ⅱ
International Culture Studies Ⅰ
International Culture Studies Ⅱ
Religion and
Culture of Christianity
Ideas and Culture of the Bible Ⅰ
Ideas and Culture of the Bible Ⅱ
History and Culture of Christianity Ⅰ
History and Culture of Christianity Ⅱ
Christian Views of the World and Humanity
Religious Cultures
Modern World and Religion
Comparative Religions
Ideas and Culture of Religions in Eastern Asia
Ideas and Culture of India
Ideas and Culture of Buddhism
Ideas and Culture of Islam
Seminar for Religion and Culture:Ⅰ Seminar for Religion and Culture:Ⅱ
Seminar Classes
Liberal Arts Seminar Ⅰ Liberal Arts Seminar Ⅱ
Integrated Lectures Lectures
Peace Studies Ⅰ
Peace Studies Ⅱ
Gender and Society
Hokusei Studies
Career Education
Career Education
Occupation and Life Ⅰ Occupation and Life Ⅱ
Japanese Courses
Japanese Writing Skills Ⅰ Japanese Writing Skills Ⅱ
Information Courses
Computer Literacy
Applied Computer Literacy Ⅰ
Applied Computer Literacy Ⅱ
Computer Hardware Basics
Computer Software Basics
General English Ⅰ
General English Ⅱ
General English Ⅲ
General English Ⅳ
German Ⅰ
German Ⅱ
German Ⅲ
German Ⅳ
French Ⅰ
French Ⅱ
French Ⅲ
French Ⅳ
Chinese Ⅰ
Chinese Ⅱ
Chinese Ⅲ
Chinese Ⅳ
Korean Ⅰ
Korean Ⅱ
Korean Ⅲ
Korean Ⅳ
English and Culture
Overseas Studies(English)
Advanced English Ⅰ
Advanced English Ⅱ
Foreign Language Seminar(English)
German and Culture
Overseas Studies(German)
Advanced German Ⅰ
Advanced German Ⅱ
Foreign Language Seminar(German)
French and Culture
Overseas Studies (French)
Advanced French Ⅰ
Advanced French Ⅱ
Foreign Language Seminar(French)
Chinese and Culture
Overseas Studies(Chinese)
Advanced Chinese Ⅰ
Advanced Chinese Ⅱ
Foreign Language Seminar(Chinese)
Korean and Culture
Overseas Studies(Korean)
Advanced Korean Ⅰ
Advanced Korean Ⅱ
Foreign Language Seminar(Korean)

※General English Ⅰ to Ⅳ aren't offered by the Department of English.
※Occupation and Life Ⅰ to Ⅱ aren't offered by the Department of Social Policy or the Department of Social Work.