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Department of Life and Creative Science


Department of Life and Creative Science

This department offers a course of study in Life Sciences, based on a practical, comprehensive approach to human life and livelihood, which features small class size, seminars and practical training. With "intelligent creation" as the keyword, we strive to nurture individuals with a dynamic ability to actively identify problems, describe them appropriately, and then conceive of new life solutions. We provide education that meets the needs of the times by tackling specific issues, such as family in modern life, culture, psychology, welfare, economy, management, woman's labor, community, housing, interior, design, art, information and multimedia.

Curriculum for 2023

See below for details.
Departmental Classes
(written in Japanese)



Basic Liberal
Arts Classes
Introduction to Economics Ⅰ
Introduction to Economics Ⅱ
Sociology Ⅰ
Sociology Ⅱ
Psychology Ⅰ
Psychology Ⅱ
Introduction to Natural Science
Theory of Gender
Health Science
Environmental Science
Music & Culture
Art & Culture
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Mathematics
Foreign Language
General English Ⅰ
General English Ⅱ
General English Ⅲ
General English Ⅳ
General English Ⅴ
General English Ⅵ
General English Ⅶ
General English Ⅷ
German Ⅰ
German Ⅱ
German Ⅲ
German Ⅳ
※General English Ⅰ to Ⅷ are offered only by the Department of Life and Creative Sciences.
French Ⅰ
French Ⅱ
French Ⅲ
French Ⅳ
Hangul Ⅰ
Hangul Ⅱ
Hangul Ⅲ
Hangul Ⅳ
Chinese Ⅰ
Chinese Ⅱ
Chinese Ⅲ
Chinese Ⅳ
Physical Education
Sports Ⅰ Sports Ⅱ
Christianity Ⅰ Christianity Ⅱ