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Farewell Party for the International Students


On Friday, December 8, HUIT (Hokusei University International Team) held a Farewell Party for the international students as their final event of this semester.
The party began with everyone playing the traditional Japanese New Year’s game of Fukuwarai. In Fukuwarai, blindfolded contestants attempt to pin facial features in the correct position on a paper face (similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey). With the help of the audience, blindfolded students attempted to make the face of an okame (plump-faced woman) and a hyottoko (a clownish man).
The next game was a True/False Quiz in which the students had to answer questions about Hokusei University and its International Exchange Program. There were twenty questions in all, which started out easy and gradually become more difficult. For the last few questions, the participants had to consult with each other in order to answer correctly.
After the games came the main event of the party, a buffet meal. The international students and Hokusei students enjoyed eating and reminiscing about the past semester which they spent together. Everyone must have been hungry because they finished up all the food!
The party ended with everyone watching a movie make by the HUIT members, which showed many scenes of the international students from the beginning to the end of their stay at Hokusei. There was lots of laughter and many comments as the international students watched themselves on the screen and remembered all the things they had experienced in Japan.
The members of HUIT would like to thank everyone who participated in this party and in the other events that were held with the international students during this semester. HUIT will continue to hold various international events in the future, and they look forward to meeting the international students who will study at Hokusei in 2018.