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International Students Enjoy Tsukimi Party


On October 20, HUIT (Hokusei University International Team) held a tsukimi (moon viewing) party in the International Lounge.

This tsukimi party was organized to give international students and Hokusei students an opportunity to experience Japanese tsukimi, a traditional autumn event in which people watch the full moon while enjoying mochi, Japanese rice cake.

Unfortunately, the participants this year could not see the moon because of the cloudy weather. However, they were able to enjoy the mochi part of tsukimi. Using a large wooden usu (mortar) and kine (mallet) they did mochi-tsuki, which is the traditional method of making mochi by pounding steamed rice with a large wooden mallet to make soft, sticky, and very tasty rice cake.
Everyone was excited as individuals took turns swinging the mallet to pound the rice while the onlookers shouted encouragement. When the mochi was finished, everyone enjoyed eating this traditional Japanese treat. The international students will certainly remember their first time to do mochi-tsuki.

Hokusei Gakuen University holds several events, like this tsukimi party, throughout the year to encourage communication between Hokusei students and international students. Don’t miss the other events that will be held in the International Lounge!