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International Sports Match


On Wednesday, November 15, an International Sports Match was held in the main arena of the Hokusei University gym. This event was organized by HUIT (Hokusei University International Team) to give Hokusei students and international students a chance to interact with each other through the common language of Sports, regardless of their native language.

ドッチボールの様子 全力でボールを投げる留学生

Three events, dodgeball, an obstacle course race, and a relay race, were held in this Sports Match. In typical Japanese fashion, all of the participants were divided into two teams—Red Team and White Team—for the competitions. At first, it was somewhat difficult for the Hokusei Students and international students to talk; however, as the competition continued, they began to work and talk together quite enthusiastically.

パン食い競争 ぐるぐるバット

During the last event, the relay, the loud cheering by each team for their runners echoed throughout the gym, and the event ended successfully.

チーム一丸となりました 全員リレーの様子

After all the points were counted, the White Team won, but regardless of the outcome, all the participants had a good time and got to know each other better, as Sports helped they overcome the language barriers. Thanks to everyone who participated.