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Photo Scavenger Hunt Held


A photo scavenger hunt was held on Friday, September 29 at the International Lounge. There were 30 students, including international students and Hokusei students, at this event.

The participants had fun doing two kinds of ice-breakers before the photo scavenger hunt started. First, they played a game called “Name Catch” to remember everyone’s names. After that, the 30 participants counted off into groups of five and did two-minute self-introductions in small groups.

Then the photo scavenger hunt started. The students had to complete a variety of given missions by taking various pictures around the campus within a given amount of time. They quickly searched here and there around the campus within the designated time, with some groups making it back to the International Lounge just before time was up.

The highest scoring team won the game, and they received a box of famous Hokkaido assorted sweets as their prize.