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Special Lecture by Professor Douglas Stiffler


A special lecture open to both Hokusei University students and the general public was given by Professor Douglas Stiffler Ph.D. on Tuesday, May 30. The title of his lecture was “On Fighting to the Bitter End: Katsu Kaishu and Fukuzawa Yukichi.”

Dr. Douglas Stiffler is a great-great-grandson of Katsu Kaishu, a well-known Japanese politician who played an important role around the beginning of the Meiji era. Dr. Stiffler teaches history at Juniata College (USA), one of Hokusei University’s exchange institutions.

Dressed formally in Japanese clothes, Professor Stiffler talked about Katsu Kaishu’s actions and thoughts during this important time of Japanese history, and he compared him to another important contemporary Japanese leader, Fukuzawa Yukichi.

Many people in the audience, including Hokusei students, asked questions at the end of the formal lecture, and the lecture ended on a high note.