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International Community News

A special lecture open to both Hokusei University students and the general public was given by Professor Douglas Stiffler Ph.D. on Tuesday, May 30. The title of his lecture was “On Fighting to the Bitter End: Katsu Kaishu and Fukuzawa Yukichi.”

Dr. Douglas Stiffler is a great-great-grandson of Katsu Kaishu, a well-known Japanese politician who played an important role around the beginning of the Meiji era. Dr. Stiffler teaches history at Juniata College (USA), one of Hokusei University’s exchange institutions.

Dressed formally in Japanese clothes, Professor Stiffler talked about Katsu Kaishu’s actions and thoughts during this important time of Japanese history, and he compared him to another important contemporary Japanese leader, Fukuzawa Yukichi.

Many people in the audience, including Hokusei students, asked questions at the end of the formal lecture, and the lecture ended on a high note.


The exchange students were able to experience Japanese tea ceremony (Sado) with the cooperation of the Hokusei Tea Ceremony Club on Wednesday, May 24. The students learned how to perform the tea ceremony with the instruction of a tea ceremony teacher, and they and the members of the Hokusei Tea Ceremony Club enjoyed drinking the unique whisked tea.

This was the first experience for almost all of the exchange students, and although they struggled with sitting on the floor Japanese style, they enjoyed experiencing this famous part of Japanese culture.


International Camp, a two-day, one-night trip for Hokusei students and International students, was held on May 20 to 21. The destinations of the trip were Shiraoi Poroto Kotan (Ainu Replica Village) and several places near the town of Noboribetsu (in southern Hokkaido).

At the Shiraoi Poroto Kotan, the participants visited the Ainu Museum and learned about the culture of the Ainu, who are the indigenous people of Hokkaido. The participants also went to Date Jidaimura, a historical theme park highlighting the Edo Period, and they enjoyed getting to know each other while visiting these places.

International Camp will be held again in the fall.


The new international students for the spring semester of 2017 have arrived on campus! We are glad to welcome 23 students from seven universities and colleges in five countries. In addition to taking intensive Japanese language classes, the students can also take a variety of classes about Japan and about international topics offered in the International Exchange Curriculum. And, of course, just living in Japan will be an education in itself.

At the International Lounge, located on the first floor of the Center Building (which was renovated in 2015), a variety of international programs are held for all Hokusei Gakuen University students. Three main programs are offered, named the “Ambassador Program” (introduce your university and culture to Hokusei Gakuen University students), “International Cafe” (work as a Cafe staff member) and “Gaikokugo-Asobiba” (play games such as cards with Hokusei Gakuen University students). Additionally, new international activities and events are being offered, so please feel free to come and join us!



On Thursday, December 10th, a speech presentation in Japanese by international students was held at the International Lounge. Each student presented their memories and what they learned from living in Japan.

On Tuesday, September 8th, new international students for the fall semester 2015 arrived on campus. We are proud to have 19 students in total from North America, Indonesia, Korea, China, and Taiwan.


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